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Mortgages - Good credit

Trying to find the best mortgage can be a difficult and often a frustrating task. A mortgage broker can give you free advice and suggest the most suitable products for you. A good broker will save you from needing to spend hours and hours trawling through all the deals from various lenders, and bypass all financial jargon to explain your options in clear and easy to understand manner. Visit to contact an expert advisor.

Mortgages - Bad credit

If you have experienced credit problems in the past, the chances are you'll experience difficultly getting a mortgage from a high street bank or building society. Bad Credit Mortgages 4 You is a firm of brokers who specialise in providing assistance to people with a poor credit history. They have access to a range of specialist lenders in the UK who and can advise you on what your options are.

ASAP Mortgages for Bad Credit offer friendly and expert advice to people who don't fit the traditional profile expected by many high street lenders. They can help even if you have a poor credit history, difficulty in proving your income, have CCJs, defaults, arrears, past bankruptcy or have previously entered into an IVA.

Loans - Bad Credit

Thousands of people in the UK are are likely to be turned down for a personal loan by mainstream lenders because they have less than perfect credit history including things such as being issued with a CCJ, defaults, previous bankruptcy or being self employed, all of which could mean a low credit score. features details of lenders and brokers who have a higher acceptance threshold and you many be able to find deals despite your credit rating being tarnished. However, rates of interest will be relatively high compared with products targeted at people with good credit scores.

Credit Cards

Best UK Credit Cards is a credit card comparison website. See which card companies offer the lowest APR, best rates for transferring a balance or most attractive loyalty incentive.